5 tips on what to put in a gift basket

A gift basket is a personal way of telling someone that you love them. You should give some thought to it before filling them in.

Start with an item


Just pick an item, and that will set the flow. You can either pick something you liked at a specialty store or something you liked during your way back home. You just need something to start with.

Think outside the box


You should get creative. For example, if the person you are giving the basket to is a frequent traveler then you can have a monogrammed toiletries bag in the basket or make the bag itself a basket which the person can carry with him or her whether he or she travels. Put things in the basket that will be fun to unwrap.

Make it personal


You should put items that relate to something the person likes. For example, if the person is a coffee-lover, then you can add monogrammed mugs or a Starbucks gift card. If they love movies, then fill the basket with movie DVDs.

Consider size of the items


When you are putting items in the basket, make sure you put a combination of large, medium and small items in them. Otherwise, you’ll have too many bulky stuff or too little thing that might just get lost in the basket.

Consider texture of the items


You should add a combination of hard and soft items. A basket full of something made of metal, glass, fabric, and soft items like food will make a perfect blend. The more textures you add, your basket will look more stunning.

Instead of buying expensive items only, you can consider giving homemade items. It will include a personal touch to your basket and will make the person feel special.

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